Friday, February 1, 2008

ACADIA 2008 is (a)live

I am delighted to announce the upcoming ACADIA conference entitled: Silicon & Skin to take place October 16-19, 2008, in Minneapolis. I'll be co-technical chair along with my good friend and colleague Prof. Andrew Kudless from the California College of the Arts.
The other members of the steering committee include Prof. Marc Swackhamer , site chair, and Billie Fairclothand and Kiel Moe, exhibition chairs.

The Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) together with the Digital Design Consortium in the School of Architecture and Computer Science at the University of Minnesota will hold the ACADIA 2008 conference in Minneapolis. The upcoming conference entitled Silicon + Skin: Biological Processes and Computation fosters design work and research from the worlds of practice and academia which lie at the intersection between design, biology, and computation. More specifically, this conference seeks to identify and examine current trends in digital design technologies developed and applied in the framework of biologically inspired processes and digitally assisted sustainable design.

For more information about dates and registration check here:
ACADIA 2008 Website

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