Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keynote @ C2-MTL, Montreal

From the website: Set in the creative hotbed of MontrĂ©al, C2-MTL is a new kind of annual global conference: one that explores the relationship between commerce and creativity, and its potential to redefine business. This immersive three-day event is designed to inspire right and left brain thinking through a smorgasbord of non-traditional experiences, including multimedia conferences by world-class speakers, engaging exhibitions, collaborative workshops, a creativity Boot Camp and evening festivities. It all happens in an unconventional innovation village, designed specifically to enhance the C2-MTL experience. Curated by international creative agency Sid Lee, in collaboration with founding partner Cirque du Soleil and content partner Fast Company, C2-MTL brings together the brightest and most influential minds from a network of countries and industries. From black-clad creatives to tie-wearing executives, participants unite in an innovative, immersive, and wildly creative environment designed to spark collaboration and inspire solutions to business challenges.

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