Monday, May 21, 2012

Imaginary Beings @ Centre Pompidou

Imaginary Beings: Mythologies of the Not Yet
 includes 18 new works for the human body
The works will debut May 3rd at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, as part of the Multiversités Créatives exhibition. 

The collection was sponsored by Objet and created in close collaboration with W. Craig Carter (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT) and Joe Hicklin (The Mathworks). Other contributors include Dr. James Weaver (Wyss Institute, Harvard University), Turlif Vilbrandt (Symvol, Uformia), Kevin Cohan (The Mathworks), Sarah Zaranek (The Mathworks), Seth DeLand (The Mathworks), Dr. Benjamin Hutton (Wyss Institute, Harvard University), Prof. Christine Ortiz (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT) , Mary C. Boyce (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)Neil Katz (SOM, NY), and Mikey Siegel. More materials to appear on the website following the official public opening.

Photographer: Yoram Reshef

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